• Athenswork employment agency

    Athenswork employment agency

  • Our aim is a successful collaboration

    Our aim is a successful collaboration

  • Our world is you

    Our world is you

  • And this summer together

    And this summer together



We are happy to introduce you to the employment agencies Athenswork, whose exclusive aim is, not only to cover efficiently your needs in the field of employment and personnel, but also to achieve a long-term relationship with you, which will be characterized by the trust and solidarity.

Being for more than 20 years in the area of recruitment, the private offices Athenswork (I.G.E.E.) constitute the most appropriate choice for the finding of the proper staff and work, as we struggle with the aid of our experienced and specialized partners on a daily basis to satisfy thoroughly your special needs and desires. With specialization in the management of human resources, here in the employment agencies Athenwork we recognize better than anyone else that each occasion, your occasion, is unique. For this reason, we select the suitable person exclusively for you using the most strict and profound criteria (interviews, assessment tests, CVs, seminars).

The private offices Athenswork offer:

1. Au pairs and domestic help
2. Qualified personnel for the elderly care
3. Nurses
4. Qualified personnel for the disabled care
5. Babysitters
6. Qualified and diverse restaurant personnel (chefs, waiters/waitresses, assistants, cooks)
7. Qualified and diverse hotel personnel (receptionists, maids, security guards, barmen/barwomen)
8. Laborers and craftsmen (hydraulics, electricians, builders, painters, gardeners)
9. Qualified business personnel (secretaries, salesmen, managers)




If you are in need of a skilled person, who will take care of your beloved or sick individuals, then the employment agencies Athenswork offer you the appropriate solution. We select a qualified person, who will be able to carry out all his duties efficiently, such as the personal hygiene of the elderly or sick individual, the health care, assistance in household works (cleaning the house, cooking food, washing and ironing of clothes), but in particular the personal care and the human company that your beloved person may never lack.